My 2018

On the second of January, I wrote “I don’t know what to expect out of this year. I don’t know if I even care enough to have expectations for 2018,  but I will say…the last time I entered a new year with a completely broken heart was 2014 and that year proved to be the sharpest contrast to the utter hell of 2013. So maybe I am wrong when I say I won’t be truly happy again until 2019 or maybe I am right? For now I’ll leave this where I currently am at life: heartbroken, lost, and confused. But all it takes is one moment to change your entire life so I’ll hold onto that.”

Little did I know… 2018 would be 365 days full of moments that changed my life for the better. How else can you describe a year where you’re fifth row for Shawn Mendes, you meet your favorite celebrity (for the second time), get featured on her Instagram story AND are noticed by THE Nathan Scott on Twitter after 5 years of trying to get him to notice you?

This year was full of an abundance of new friendships that encourage me to grow as a human being. This year I started writing for a fashion publication. This year my love for One Direction was revitalized (Four is their best album don’t fight me on this one). This year I learned a fourth language (je parle les francais).

This is a year that I am going to remember for a long time and my future children will be annoyed at the amount of stories I tell about 2018 because dang. This year was it chief. I could go on forever about how much I love this year, but I’ll reserve that for my diary. Instead here is a photo recap complete with highlights and key takeaways from the best calendar year yet.


Put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone. With a broken heart, I decided to pour that angst into getting involved in college by being part of activities where I could unleash that sadness. This was the month I applied to be part of Spark Magazine. I ended up becoming a writer for Issue No. 10 and being part of the social media team. This was also the month that I was told that I got into music staff for Longhorn Awakening 64 (little did I know how much LA 64 would mean to me). January was all about planting small seeds of hope and forming a solid foundation for the rest of what this year would entail.


You think your pain will last forever and that you’ll be in a dark place forever, but one day you will completely heal. Remember that it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to still feel pain. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Trust that God has your back and that happiness is right around the corner. February was the birth of this blog and it has helped me out of my depression. It’s important to find healthy outlets for the low periods of your life.


March signals the beginning of my favorite season of the year: spring. With spring comes rebirth. Lights Down Low & Best Part were the two songs on repeat this month and so many good memories are tied in with those songs. This was also the beginning of the happy wave that permeated the rest of my 2018. The unexpected moments in life have a way of leading you to sunnier days.

LA 64 Music Staff has my heart forever
The quad squad always has photo shoots when we hang out. This is my favorite group photo we’ve taken :’)


God places exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it. Quote of the month: “valleys are where things grow.” This is the month that LA 64 quite literally altered the course of my life by fully healing me from the deep pain I was carrying around with me since June 2017. Life started to feel lighter, I started smiling because I was genuinely happy and not because I was faking it. This was also the month I found out that my article was getting published in Issue No. 10!!!! WOO!!!!


Favorite month of the year. 🙂 I love May so much because of how eventful it is. No matter the year, this month ALWAYS delivers. I wrapped up my freshman year of college with a near perfect GPA, watched my friends at their last orchestra concert, and jetted off to the Philippines where I met my cousins. I also got to meet Kim Chiu (a famous Filipina actress) for the second time and I was featured on her Instagram story. Is this what peaking feels like? Also it’s crazy how far I’ll go just to meet a celebrity. This is why I am a communication studies major you guys.


Don’t take relaxation for granted. Being home can be so mundane, but this is your time to sleep a ton, eat whatever you want, and hang out with your hometown friends!! Also after 5 years of tweeting at James Lafferty (aka Nathan Scott love of my life), he finally noticed me!! Shoot your shot at your celeb crushes y’all 😉



Another year older doesn’t mean another year wiser but let’s pretend it does. Shout out to Niall Horan for celebrating my 19th birthday with me. Best birthday yet even though I almost died from a heat stroke because an outdoor concert in 109 degree weather is an adventure of its own. Even though people say 19 is the most irrelevant age, make it a point to make this year count. This was also the month I started my iconic “one second a day” venture. Sorry (not sorry) to every person I’ve said, “wait…be on my one second” to.


Suddenly it’s August and I’m a sophomore in college (when did that happen)!! Although it’s tempting to set high expectations for this school year and hype it up, don’t give in to those preconceived notions. Don’t expect anything out of this semester. Take everything as it comes. If you don’t set expectations, you will not find yourself disappointed when things do not go the way you want them to.


Use this month to prep for the craziness called October. While this month still contains football games and retreat preparations, make sure to take those extra naps and work ahead as much as possible so that October isn’t as stressful.


“Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” – Ida Scott Taylor. This month was so much fun. Probably the most eventful month of my entire 2018. A lot of my best college stories come from this month. TX/OU weekend, a haircut that ended up being WAAAY shorter than I wanted it to be (rip long hair), ACL, and LA 65. Did I wait 8 hours and almost pass out in the Austin heat just to see Shawn Mendes perform for an hour? Yes. Would I do it again? Without a doubt. I honestly wasn’t a huge Mendes fan and I did not get the hype, but man. Seeing that 6’2 man in real life changed me. October 14, 2018 was easily the best day of semester and maybe my entire life. Longhorn Awakening 65 was the perfect way to end such a hectic month. Getting to give a talk about how great God is, leading others in praise and worship and getting closer to the people on my staff has been one of the best gifts that 2018 has blessed me with.


The semester is starting to wind down, but there is still so much to experience! I hit a HUGE milestone by being 5 years cancer free on November 8th and my wonderful friends threw me a surprise party and made me feel so loved. Thanksgiving break makes for reunions with friends you haven’t seen since the summer and it’s the best way to get that burst of energy to make it through finals. Remember to be grateful every single day of your life and not just on Thanksgiving. Gratitude goes a long way.

IMG_E1233 (1)IMG_0126 (1)


End your year with a BANG. A lot of people, including myself, are too excited for the coming of the next year that we forget that there’s still a LOT that can happen at the end of the year. This is the month to do everything you promised you would do but never got around to it. BE BOLD. Take a chance. Do something risky. Your future self will thank you for it and the reactions you get from your friends when you do that BOLD thing is priceless. Also the best Christmas gift to me this year was learning that I’m part of Spark’s leadership team as a co-copy editor!! And to think… at the beginning of this year I wasn’t even in Spark yet. A year does a lot :’)

I don’t like being wrong but BOY 2018 proved me wrong when my cynical self in January said, “I don’t think this year will be good or memorable at all.”

2018, thank you for healing me. This year has made every single one of my wildest dreams come true and I am in disbelief at how much God has abundantly blessed me. I love you forever 2018.


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